Sunday, June 28, 2009

Benjamin Button, the continues

... Outside the building Benjamin asked Daisy is she loved David, she said she think so, then he said that he loves her dance show, and then he went back to New Orleans.

He said that nothing need to be complicate, he ride his motorcycle in New Orleans, he sail with his boat, he companied by a lot of women. And it was a glorious time for Daisy, she went to London, Prague, and Paris for dancing, she the only American girl dance in Bolshov Russia. But in the night she always say "goodnight Benjamin" before sleep.

One day when Benjamin fixing the corner house roof, he got mail from Paris, so he went to Paris, to a hospital, Daisy got an accident, she crushed by a taxi, her leg got five place broken, with treatment and therapy she perhaps can walk again, but she never dance anymore. When he meet her, she was so angry, she just don't want him to saw her like that. He asked her to move with him, she said that she don't want to go back to New Orleans, he said he will stay in Paris then, but she rejected, she just didn't want him to help her. For a while Benjamin stay in Paris and live near hospital to make sure she was alright.

It was spring 1962, when he was in corner house, Daisy came visiting. Queenie asked daisy why she so selfish not write them a letter. And then Benjamin asked Daisy to sail with him, and then sell his father's house, they moved in duplex house, there were no a stick of furniture, they only have a matras in a living room, and a TV, they watch The Beatles. Their neighbour is Mrs. Van Dam, a bone therapist, she therapy Daisy's leg, and there are a public pool four block from the house, in one occasion Daisy was cry when she saw a young girl swim fast, she said she just afraid grow older, and they put too much calorine in the pool. And in one day they went to his father lake house, and Daisy swear him she never pitty for herself because cannot dance again.

She build a studio, she teach ballet to young girls. She said dance is about a line, sooner or later we loss that line. And then she said that she was pregnant, Benjamin was afraid of that, he afraid if the baby born abnormally like him, but Daisy convince him that she want to raise the baby and want him to company her, And that time he watch tv news that his old friend Elizabeth Abbot swim across English Channel in fourty three years old, she did what she dreamed before. So the baby born in usual spring, she was born normally and healthy, they give her a name Caroline same as his mother name, but Benjamin feels wrong he said that Caroline needs a father not a childhood friend.

In Caroline first birthday, they have a party for her, there were a lot of children in the house. Benjamin sold his Button company, he sold the lake house, and the sailing boat, he gave the money for Daisy and Caroline for living. He went before Caroline start to memorize him. He went to India. He wrote a postcard in every Caroline's birthday and put in that book. When she was two he said that he want to saw her grew, nothing will replace that condition, when she was five he said he want to friend her go to school, when she was six he said he want to teach him piano, and when she was thirteen he want to angry to her not to chase some boys, and he want to be there when she got broken heart.

In one night Benjamin visiting Daisy after she teach the class, he enter the house, she said that the class is already over, she asked if he pick up a student, and then she knew that he was Benjamin, he looks so young. And then Caroline came, so do Daisy new husband. Daisy introduce Benjamin as her family friend, she said to Caroline she new her when she was baby. His husband said to Benjamin that so nice to meet him and they waiting in the car, Daisy said that she locked up the house first, she asked Benjamin where he lived, he said in the hotel near there, he said he didn't know what he gonna do. He said that Caroline as beautiful as he mother, he asked her if Caroline also a good dancer, she said no, he said that's must because him. Daisy told him that Caroline is a sweet girl, and her husband is a widower, he is a nice man, nice husband.

After her husband passed away, she got a bell asked him to go to corner house, there is a man from a kind of public children organization, he said that he found a book that a lot of Daisy names and that address, he said Benjamin got dimentia, he forgot when and where he was. And then they hear a piano played, it was Benjamin in a kid body. Daisy came to him and said that it was a good play, she loved to hear that, she introduced herself and asked him if he knew her, he said he didn't know her. So in everyday Daisy visiting the corner house to convince her Benjamin is alright, sometimes Benjamin was angry because he said that he didn't got his breakfast, sometimes he hike the roof and told everybody about everyplace he knew. He said he want to fly, and Daisy said that she knew a man who can fly, she will tell him about the story.

In 2002, the train station change the clock with digital clock. Benjamin was in child body, learn to walk, learn to talk, Daisy company him passionately. She showering him, she take him walk in the park. In spring, when she hug him, she said that he saw her and felt know her. And then he close his eyes as sleep as usually, he passed away.

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