Monday, June 8, 2009

Jenson Button, The Curious Case

I'm not gonna tell you about Jenson Button, I'm gonna tell you about new imperialism. The west country actually still war with us, not with blood but with taught, with information. The field of war are many fields: sports, technology, economy, science, education, every single aspects of our lives cannot separate from their agendas.

Last Sunday I watch F1, not from beginning, not until finished. It just great show, the west show, new kind and glamour show. Jenson Button win the race, it's his sixth win in this season, I hope he will the next world champion. He's 29 years old, I am gonna 28 this August. He also a model because of his good looking face. He has many girl friends. He already in F1 for many years, but in the past he just middle-last racer. But he already a public idol for his country, England. I ever saw him in Top Gear, British tv show about cars. He is as a guess star, it said that although he was not top F1 racer, he already reach and famous, many young man want to be like him.

F1 is a symbol of post modern lifestyle, they want us to be part in F1, they want children and young men be an F1 racer, they want us to have F1 circuit in our country. The west people will help the countries that already on their side. they will build a circuit on those country, they will take a racer from them. Malaysia is a country loved by them, they build Sepang for F1, they build Petronas tower in there. They want us to be like Malaysia, have F1 circuit, have tall tower, have great oil company.

I cannot receive if somebody said that our people are dumb because cannot have F1 circuit or sky tower. West people build them. They give a lot of money, allowance from world bank to build those building. They give their architect and expert to build them. It's all because Malaysia is nice country for their imperialism agenda. Their agenda are migrating the local values into their value, they made great concept of live, the improvement of technology, economy, or democracy. Well not all of those values are bad, we didn't have other solution for better lives. Well we already know that the best way in life is our religion, they just intrude in every single aspect in our life.

Everybody goes to school learn their language, nowadays we must get better education to get better job and living, I appreciate for the people who goes to traditional school for learn religion, they are the real power facing the new imperialism, Malaysia don't have them, that's why west people love Malaysia, because Malaysian schools are modern schools. As long as we have traditional school, those west people will afraid of us, they will never build F1 circuit or sky building here. They will make difficulties for us. And that doesn't really matter if we are lack of technology or economy, we must proud because we are a religious people and those people are afraid of us. I proud with my land.

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