Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Playing Futsal

I'm not a geek, I'm an easy going person, I played futsal this night, actually I want to write some serious theme such as imperialism, JK, or politics, but I'm not that smart enough, so I write about my futsal-day. I'm not a good football player, far away from Steven Gerard. I even cannot kick the ball, I don't know how to kick, my kick is the slowest kick I've ever seen. I just running catch the ball forward and back, my goalkeeper often yell to me, sometimes he said to stay in the center back behind the line, sometimes said to stay guarding tight on one player.

I played futsal four times in my whole live, once when I'm bachelor, three times in this office. And it will be counting more because I've already have my futsal shoes and the stock. In high school I play soccer many times, sometimes in front of my school, sometimes on other place, my friends often ask me to join them although I mostly only stand up in the field. I play again when Im bachelor two or three times in the first year. And I never played again until today. In that time there are no futsal, it's new game, and I think west people create it.

I bought futsal shoes one day before after office hour with Suarlin and Robby. First we came to Adidas FO behind the Petronas Gasoline in BSD near BSD Plaza. And then into Sports Depot inside BSD Plaza, we bought shoes in that store. Actually I already bought a soccer shoes before in Carrefour, the red one, Eagle, 150 thousands, but it cannot played in futsal field, it will ruin the field because the bottom of the shoes are for outdoor soccer field. I spent a lot of money for futsal things. In Adidas FO everything is expensive, although it already discount for 50%, it still 500 thousands above, and the size are too big, there are the cheapest but the size is 47, while my size is 43. Sport Depot is a big store, and only sell the sport equipments, many kinds of shoes, tennis, badminton, or running shoes, there are rackets, barbels, or equipments such as body protector for hands, knee, just everything connected into sport are available. I bought Diadora LX, a white blue stripped shoes, 299 thousands, and a pair of blue Puma stocking, 49 thousands. I search the green one but not available, the store guard said that yesterday the green are there but already bought for surely. Suarlin and Robby bought Nike shoes, 450 thousands, Suarlin's white, Robby's black, without stocking.

Both of Suarlin and Robby are good player, they create goal tonight. But I remember one of the goal is assisted from me. Im a defence player, a center back, just like Maldini. So my main job is protecting our team not to creating goals, but perhaps someday I will create one, in case futsal field is small, I only need to run a while I will in the enemy base. The fact is Im a good defence player, when I play in the game the score is 4 - 0 for my team. I play full time in the second half of my team's second battle.

We have a tournament, there are six teams, Pc Programmer, it's my team, and other five teams. We split into two group, A and B, we are in group B with RPG and Permata team. We first versus RPG team and we won, and then versus Permata and I was as the defender in the second half, and we won again with score 4 - 0 for my team. Suarlin made two goals, Robby and Rudy made one goal, I am the defender, and Monang as a goalkeeper, that's the composition in the second half when I played, because we were tenth I guess with Suryo, Hatta, Adit, and sorry I cannot remember, but for surely Dani, Suroso and Miko didn't came. Next week we gonna versus the runner up of group A, and if we win the game, we go to final round.

We play in the new building in front of German Center my office, it newly opened for a week, it discount for 50% as softly opening, the building still not ready on the outside, there are small holes in the building, we play when raining, the water is drawn on the wall when we sit down on the supporter side. Before this day we play in Grand Serpong Futsal, far away about ten kilometers from my office. The new building is a smaller building, it has only two fields, each of fields doesn't have enough space for sit down, the supporters must sit outside from the fields. The remaining space of the building only two meters strike a head, on the corner are six small bath room, we change our costum there.

I don't care if I am not a good football player, as if I cannot kick the ball precisely, or as if I run like a woman, my friends receive me and ask me to join, and I am a good defence player, I am dicipline in my position, I do what my team ask me to do, and the result is we keep our goalkeeper clean from enemy's goal, and I have agood time.

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