Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monohara and Bu Prita

Both of them are women, both of them are victims, so tv and news will always love them, Im not quite like watching tv and news, so I feel lack of information about them, but I feel want to write about them.

For last two days I breakfast and watching morning news on tvone for few minuites during breakfast, the show is "Selamat Pagi" or similar like that. Yesterday is about Monohara, seventeen Indonesian-France girl, a tall beautiful model that get married of prince Kelantan Malaysia but runaway back into Jakarta, and today is about bu Prita, a mother of two little children that already jail because he wrote on the net about her regret of hospital service.

Yesterday the guess is Nia Daniati, because she was a wife of prince of Brunei, I don't know which prince, and then a man that work for Kelantan kingdom, and some other man. That man said that Monohara ever run to Jakarta before in the past year, so the kingdom want his help to get Monohara back, and he was invited by kingdom to see the inside of the kingdom, he said that it beautiful place and didnot feel creepy inside. He said that in the first week, Manohara's mom, Daisy, is always sleeping in the same room with Mano, so prince Fakhri sleep on other room, and then he said that Mrs Daisy want that kingdom pay her owes in jakarta, he said again that she wear Mono's necklace as a gift from kingdom as a princess, so she was told by kingdom for what she did.

And the day before I watch Mono said that she runaway from kingdom because she was tortured by her husband, she was injured by razor blade. She said that the kingdom family was same as her husband, didnot help her, also the malaysian public or media, she said that she helped by the public of Singapore and Indonesia. This case also came to Indonsian ambassador, Da'i Bachtiar asked by Indonesian for helping her.

Bu Prita is a mother who wrote in the net, in a kind of public opinion in the net about the hospital service, unfortunately she used wrong sentence, rude sentence, although she was victims and clearly the hospital did wrong procedure, the doctor said that she got "Demam Berdarah", and she got medical rescue, she should only rest without got medicine drug. She was in jail for few weeks, and now she was free but as town prisoner, I don't know the detail, I think you know more rather than me, this case is discussed in mailing list, facebook, there is group for bu Prita, and I join the group because I was invite. and then I heard that some internet comunity said to boycott the hospital, but the hospital say not afraid of that.

In mailing list, the case is widely spread about the law, in case bu Prita is jailed fastly without long procedure as should be. Somebody said is just because bu Prita versus International hospital, and the hospital rules because win of money to pay the law. Some others said that bu Prita shouldn't write to media about her problem, she should claim to hospital privately, and some other said how she can claim by herself? she will face the bigger problem and perhaps will ignored by the hospital, she did the right thing, she need media, she need internet, the powerful internet.

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