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Benjamin Button, The Curious Case

It's an unusual love story, story about born old baby, and grow younger and younger by time, with his childhood close friend. They meet for the fist time when they were seven years old, he was old, a friend of her grandma in old home, while she yell to her grandma showing her ballet, and they meet again tenth years later when he got amnesia but in child body and she already old, she asked him is he remember her?, he said no, but she care of him, she friends him playing piano, she friends him in his breakfast, she friends him walking in the garden, she lullaby him when he died in her arms, she said that he looks her and feels know her before he died.

The movie is opened in hospital with an old dying women, Daisy, with her daughter, Caroline. Caroline said that he gonna miss Daisy so. And then Daisy said that in 1918 there is tuba band in the opening ceremony of the train station with the new clock, it's the best clock ever, she said that her papa is came to the event, there were people everywhere, there were Roosevelt also. But the clock is moving backward, it's made by blind born man that has a boy die in war, he said that perhaps by made the clock backward, it also made the situation backward, the died boy can back home and live long and peaceful, and working in farm. After the event the blind man never seen again. Some say he got heart attack, some say he went to sea.

And then Daisy asked her daughter to read a diary in her black suitcase, she said she want to hear her voice. It's Benjamin diary. It's 1985, he said that he have nothing same as his birth, the only he has is only his story, and he said that he gonna write it before he forgot it. He said that he was born in unusual circumstances. It was after win great war, his father, Thomas run fast to home in the crowded people in the street. Inside his home, he asked everybody why there are a priest, They said that because his wife is dying because of childbirth, and then he came to his wife, and said that he already try best to get home in crowded people, and then she asked him to promise her that their son gonna got a place, and then she died. And then Thomas came to his son, and then take him away, and run. he went to the river and want to throw him, but there are a policeman and asked him what he brought. And then he run from the policeman, and found an old home, and take the baby on the foot stage, and put eighteen dollars with.

The setting is in New Orleans, city of jazz, Queenie and Mr. Weathers take care of the house, he said to her that she looks handsome that night, her brown dress is same with her eyes, and when they step down the stage, they found the baby. He said that they must ignore it because he looks like a monster, but Queenie loves the baby, she take the baby inside, she said that he is miracle, but not a kind of miracle we expect, she called a doctor inside the living room to check the baby, she said that he is son of her sister but born white, the doctor said that the baby's eyes got catharact, his bone and skin should happen on the old man, he is baby with the old-man condition, he should die soon. And then Queenie out from the room and told the people in the room that they had visitor and his name is Benjamin.

Benjamin child is normal kid, he curious like any other child, he played his spoon on the table, he sneaked behind the window. The only different is his physical condition is as an eighty years old man, he use wheel chair for moving. At seven he with mama Queenie went to church for blessing, Queenie want pregnant, and Benjamin asked by the priest to walk get up from his chair, and Benjamin can walk but the priest got heart attack. After he can walk some happens such as he met mr. Weathers brother that had minus in his physical condition, he is short and ever live in zoo with monkeys, he born near lake, he ask Benjamin go out with him to the lake and meet his tall girl friend. Benjamin also learned play piano by a wearing diamond and good dressed lady that came to the house with her old dog. She said to Benjamin that not how well to play piano but how we feel when play piano, and also said that poor Benjamin because he grow younger and younger, so he will loose the people he loved because everybody go older.

He met Daisy for the first time on Sunday, because that day family visiting the old people in the house. He never forget her blue eyes, he said he felt in love for the first time he saw her, he said that he met a person that will change his life forever. When lunch, the menu is turkey, Daisy said that did you know that turkey is not a bird, it is pheasant, bird that cannot fly. Queenie said that god answer her wish, he said that he didn't know what she meant. Daisy said that Queenie will have a baby, her mother ever said the same thing and she got a brother but not live long. She said silly to Benjamin. In the night Daisy grandma read book story to them, it's about kangoroo in 5 o'clock, the book in left side had short writes, and pictures in the right side. they love the story. And then when Benjamin is sleeping, he waken up by Daisy, she said why Benjamin sleep, and then she ask Benjamin followed her into below a table, she asked Benjamin to light the match for candle, Benjamin said that he shouldn't play with matches, she said don't be chicken, so Benjamin light the candle, and then she said that she tell a secret if he also tell one. And then she said that her mother ever kissed a man, and then Benjamin said that he actually not old as he looks, and Daisy said that he is odd, different than other people.

In his teenage, he went with an old man that already got flash seven times to harbour, they met Irish captain, Mike Clark. Captain Mike ask people to help him and his tugboat for two dollars. Nobody want to, only Benjamin. Benjamin cleaned the boat happily, he said will do although not get paid. Inside the boat, captain Mike asked Benjamin is he still turn on in the morning, Benjamin said yes, the hard one. And then he asked when Benjamin got woman, Benjamin said never, he laugh loud and said that it is the poorest thing he met, he with old man that never with a woman in his boat. After sailing they went to pub, captain Mike asked Benjamin about his Father, Benjamin said he don't have one, captain Mike said lucky Benjamin because his father is bad person, he said that his father is a tugboat man and ever said to him that he will also a tugboat forever. He said to his father that he want to be an artist, so he is, he is an artist, a tattoo artist he tattoo all over his body, open his clothes and show Benjamin his tattoo. He said whatever people said, do whatever you wanna be, And then he asked Benjamin to get women, one woman want to be with Benjamin, Benjamin asked for more, but she said enough, and asked Benjamin are he Dick Tracy or something.

After out from the pub he met Thomas that also had finished with woman in the pub, Thomas asked him to get a drunk, Thomas know that he was his son. Thomas asked his family name, he said that he did not have one, and then Thomas said that his family name is Button, Thomas also told him that his wife died when childbirth, when Thomas took Benjamin in front of his house, he asked Benjamin if he could ever come to visit him and said that nice to talk with him, and Benjamin said that is a pleasure to drink with him. After inside the house he met Queenie and puke because of drunk. And when Daisy is in the house he asked Daisy to go to the lake with his tugboat, he asked Daisy if she can swim, she said she can do whatever he can do. So he go to Captain Mike that sleep because of drunk on last night before. And when the boat is on its sailing, it met with big beautiful ship, Daisy said that someday she want inside that ship.

In his seventeen he went out from the house working as a sailorman with seven other crews, in case Captain Mike got new job sail over the sea. When he walk out from the house, Daisy asked him to send her postcards wherever he went, wherever he did. So he sent Daisy postcards and photographs wherever he are, in Liverpool, Glasgow, and other places. Daisy also sent him letters, she said that she was in New York for audition in the American school of ballet.

He said he is in Russia, he met the woman he loved, Elizabeth Abott, he said she not prety, thin as paper, she is wife of British ambassador. He met her on elevator when her high heels are broken. One night he cannot sleep he want to make a tea, he met her and asked her if she want a glass of tea. She told him every place he ever visit, she told her everything, they were talking until dawn. He remember the situation of the hotel in the midnight, the running mouse and stopping, the sound of radiator, the blowing curtain. They did it again every night, they talk each other until the dawn and good bye into the room for their own life. And one night, Elizabeth ask him to eat caviar and vodka, she said to chew them first and drink vodka a bit. She asked him that he never been with woman or eat caviar. And then she kissed him. It was the first time he kissed by a woman. She told him that when she was 19, she swim in English tunnel, unfortunately that night the water are hard for swimming, she already 38 hours in the sea, rain falls, and about two miles more is land, but she said stop swimming. She said she never do something in her life after that. And one night, Elizabeth is gone and send him message nice to meet him.

It was war with japan, and all the sailor take a part, also Captain Mike, he asked his crew to join him, the koky didn't want to, Benjamin said that he can cook, so they were in war in the sea. In the ship they met Cherokee man that spirited for war, and one of the crew, the peasant asked Benjamin to give his money to his family in case something happened. In the sea there were a transport ship with 1300 people inside it got torpedo by Japanese, and then they got battle with bigger ship, the ship is crashed to the Japanese ship, Captain Mike died, he said that if the time is come let it flow. In the morning he saw hummingbird fly in the see. Captain Mike always tell about the bird, a mathematical symbol is taken from hummingbird, an infinity.

He went home in 26 years old, Queenie looks old, Mr. Weathers already died, he met Thomas again, Thomas said that he is his son, he should not abandoned him, He told him that his grandpa is a taylor, his father moved to New Orleans, and now They have a Button's Button, a button factory that grow bigger as war happen because the shoulders need button for their uniforms. He asked Benjamin looks around the home. He saw his mama's picture, Caroline, Thomas said that Caroline was a cook in the kitchen, he made a hole in the wall so can see her in the kitchen, she is from Dublin. He said in young age he loves wake up early in the morning to saw the lake, and he meet her for the first time and felt in love with her.

He meet Daisy again, now she is a woman, he said that she is the most beautiful women he ever met, she said she only two days in New Orleans, he asked her for dinner. All she do was talking, telling him about new york, about people in her company, about she was taking classical ballet, he doesn't know what she talk about or the names she mentioned, but he loves to hear the story. And then they come to a place that Daisy dancing ballet there and asked him for making love, but he rejected her because he ashamed of his condition.

Thomas is dying and asked Benjamin to the lake to watch sun rise that he used to do when he is a young boy. And Benjamin now is the owner of Button's Button, he came to New York to Daisy told her that his father died. He came brought flower and watch her show, he did not tell about his come, Daisy little bit ignore him because after the show the crew has his own event, everybody is young. He met David, David kiss Daisy and dance with her, David asked Benjamin is he her grandmother's friend or something. He asked by Daisy to join with her and her friends, but Benjamin refused, he said that it is his fault not tell her first about his coming, and ask her is David love her, she said she think so. So Benjamin went home.

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