Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Writer

I don't care if my write didn't popular, as if nobody read my writes, as if nobody will understand what I write. So do what I do in life, many things I've taken was not popular, and it doesn't matter, nothing need to be approved, it's not a mathematical equations, I free to decide to make the result, there's no grade limit for the result, there's no pushes to make a good result. It just the options in live, I can choose any options, whatever it necessary for me, whatever I feel like to be, or even I may not choose all of those options, I just do nothing, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I just want to write, nothing philosophy inside, nothing special in my write, it just plain text of daily story. The fact is it is a hard thing for me to make a write, I often loose my words, I often erase my paragraphs and cancelling, and the other fact is I don't have a theme right now, my times is spent at the office, I wake up in the morning and go to office early, I went home lately, and the project didn't finished yet, there's always new issue there, new bug in bugzilla. I feel numb right now, cannot think clearly, I cannot read e-book anymore, I feel empty of my battery, but I cannot sleep, it just blurry of me.

I don't care if this post is short, there's no need to be long post, I want to write some hilarious note, long, themeable, bright note, but it's hard, I'm not a novelist, not a fame writer, I'm an engineer, I write this post hush-hush while I'm working in the office, my bug is already zarro, I'm idle right now, I just want to write.

Let me tell you about my project and my office. I'm working in IT vendor in the edge of Jakarta, in BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai), not in Jakarta exactly, the fact is it in different province, it is in Banten, in the city of Tangerang, The office name is Balicamp, it the division of Sigma, biggest local vendor in Indonesia. It is the biggest because it have the biggest employee for local vendor, about 900-1000. It said that the first stand of Sigma in 1986, it only by 8 people. But unfortunately the salary is poor, not the highest also, perhaps the salary is the lowest between vendors.

Balicamp itself stand in 1999 our CEO today Bpk Toto Sugiri whose lives in Canada today, it named Bali-camp because he got a crazy idea had a it vendor which like a programmers camp. So it built in big house in a hill in Bali, in the village named Pacung before Bedugul a lake for tourism in Bali. First opened there are huge news from foreign tv and news such as CNN, in contrary there were no publicity from the local news. And by the time Balicamp was mostly working on foreign clients. Until the year of 2004 when there were Bali bombing, the office in Bali was closed because there are no client anymore. In the 2007 the office-house was want to sell, but Telkom, the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia buy the Sigma capital for investment, so it cancelled to sell and operate again since in the middle of 2008, I should went to Bali that time but I was set in a project so until today I still in Jakarta. The capacity in the Bali office is 200, I heard it still 120 person there. Sigma itself has several office building, two in Jakarta, one in Balicamp, and one again in Surabaya, a data center. In Jakarta there are few floor in DEA tower in Mega Kuningan and few floor in German Center in BSD, I am in the last building, in German Center 5th floor, I am in the east wing, the west wing is for data center, data center are full filled with servers that used by many Sigma clients.

The office is unique, it named Desa Sigma, Some said Pak Toto himself was known as an artist rather as a businessman, he renovate the fifth floor of German Center become a village in Bali, the floor was changed with cement, the wall was decorated, some painted in yellow, some changed with wood, some still in bricks, and there are a lot of batik curtains and sticked lamp. The place for lamps are also traditional, some made from bamboo, modelled woods, or zinc. There are some small blocked circle place for small meeting, the wall are from bamboo and wood. There are fish pool in front of the lift, there are mini garden and fountain in front of security desk. After we left out the lift there are two door. One in the right is into the east wing my desk, the other is into west wing, most of place is for data center. There also some room in fourth and third floor belongs to Sigma, but the condition still remain genuine not renovate.

Today I still working on the project for WOM Finance, the loan company for motorcycle, we just reuse our application, Lendor, it modified with the WOM requirements. The framework of lendor is built with java, we only change the page and the query on the surface of the application, I only change the xml when make or modify query, I only change the html for the page, I rarely modify the java files, I play a lots with javascripts and vbscripts, it calls the new page and query from scripts. It use a lot of finance words and dizzy rules.

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