Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Leader

Today is the vote day for the next president, my office as all other office is not enter today, I did not make a vote, it's too expensive for me to go home for a day for voting, it's Wednesday, Ill be on office tomorrow, furthermore I already predict that SBY will win the vote, until the last news on tv he got over 60 percents followed by Mega and JK, JK only got 12 percents of vote. And JK, my favourite candidate was not too convince me to go home and vote for him, I watch the last debate on tv, he is not too shiny, SBY more adorable, especially the last question about what if the candidate didn't chosen as president, SBY said that he will follow the chosen one, Mega said that she will continue her duty as before, and JK said that he will back home, he already think he will be chosen by say thanks to people.

But as if I made a vote I still vote for JK, I love his profile, that last debate show doesn't less me to appreciate him with all he did and what I heard from news, for me he and his family has strong religion rather than other candidate. And the main reason I love JK rather than SBY because he more live, he more brave against foreign people, I ever heard I forgot the situation and the case but he told foreign people that we will do our business rather that taken over by them. While SBY always speech in the international event that Indonesia already did good democracy and good economic progress in the country, I mean he so open wide for working together with other country, perhaps we need someone who didn't do that, we need someone who reject the opportunity for foreign people doing their job inside the country, and in my opinion JK has that profile.

Ironically my favourite president profile is George Walker Bush, I know he is west and war against Iraq and Afghanistan, surely I feel deep sorry for that aggression, but as a leader he shows us about dignity, about pride as a country. He great speaker, so confident when talking, and charming. Obama also great speaker but he so same as SBY, he always said about democracy, human rights, and peace. He travels to arabian country to say about peaceful world, that's nice but I prefer profile who has high pride, but surely without war against poor country, it just more stylish like George W. Bush rather than Barrack Obama.

Great leaders are born to lead, not by trained, not by schools, it is a destiny, just like a gift, he or she came when people need a change, most of them came when his nation in the worst condition, poor and pathetic, he has a brave heart like William Wallace, a straight heart like Joan of Arc, big dreams like Alexander the great, or many others, we can mention our idols. All of them have the brave, strong will in their life, they have faith. They have great sensitivity to their nation, they care about their people and want make a good change to their people. But all of those leaders are live in the past era, when the glory of nation shown by land, when there are no computers and companies, today the situation are more complex, leaders are not only the leaders of the citizen only, there are many leaders in many aspects of our lives, there are living people who we may adore about their leaderships.

Although we are not born with that leader characteristics, we should learn to lead ourselves, to lead our environment. In every single day of our life we should try to change ourselves to be a better person, and trying is not about gift, it's about will, the question is how far we already try, and it's a hard question in our lives. But it just like learning, just like writing or coding, it is learning, never ending learning.

As a human, all of us are leaders, leader of ourselves, leader of our environment, we lead our environment to a better condition, we can simply see our environment as the result of our leadership because we give contribution to our environment, whatever we say whatever we do it influence our environment. I remember a khatib when I pray Jumat, that as a leader, with the worst condition of our life, but if we have faith in ourselves than we still have a modal to give a good thing for our environment, he said that seven skies as the witness for what a person said, especially if we have our faith in our religion.

He said that there is a research in Japan that shows two different water, one water in religious environment and the other is not. The scientist said that the molecule of the first water more healthy rather than the second, it may prove that people who often wudlu will have shiny face or medicine with only with prayed water may help the patient. It already proved by Japanese scientist. So do our other things in our environment, our laptops, desk, clothes, and other will reflect what we do. Perhaps that too over, but that what the khatib said, and I think its true, he said that if we have a pet or plants in our home than they show how the condition of the owner little bit.

As a citizen I often imagine someday I will have an ideal leader of our dreams, that leader should brave, trusted, smart, good speaker, and other good things, I just need to add it, but honestly I will disappointed, because there are no person like that, no one perfect. And I think the better thing I can do is not to imagine that condition happen in our country, it's too complicated if I imagine and think about this country, I should see myself, I am nothing in this country. But I can start imagine that condition in my environment, my small environment, my office, my working desk and the nearby, let's say to myself and aware about the conditions, and think of my leadership in this environment.

But as a citizen I should follow my leaders, and just want to say congratulation to the selected Mr. President. I will follow him and always try to criticize of the condition and situation, especially I'm in Jakarta right now, I can join demonstration easily, in the circle of Hotel Indonesia as usually I saw on tv, that will be a great time.

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