Friday, January 2, 2009

Entering the Office while User is in Holiday

yup, this is me and my team, we're in the office after yesterday is new year, and now is friday, and tommorrow is saturday and sunday. but we so generous to be in the office today.

but the fact is I already finished my work long before new year, my last module is finished and ready to test, my bug is zarro in bugzilla, so here I am playing with you, facebook, and I will copy this note to my blog, because poor my blog, it's forgotten by me.

Im in Permata Bintaro right now, the 9th floor, AFAIR Permata Bank was Bank of Bali, it merged with other bank(s), It have three big office building, one is here in Bintaro, one in Sudirman, I don't knoe the rest, here in Bintaro is the IT center of Permata. But not exactly for the IT becaouse some floor is for marketing people.

I've been here for 2 months, date of 5th will be exactly my second months. it just an ordinary boring IT project with all detailed technical thinks that I should tell you. But my project called WBS (WholeSales Banking System), When we buy car we buy it from a store, the store is get from distributor, each store or distributor have branch, and it have products, and type, and mean while the store or store branch, or the distributor (I don't knoe exactly) have facility, and sub facility, and the bla and the bla.

Actually today in bundaran HI held a mass demo/action for Palestina, I actually want to join it, unfortunately I must inthe office. I asked my senior in class is there any similar event in saturday or sunday, he said no. Poor palestina, I take a fan or member of group that dedicated for palestina. long live palestina, although im not a good guy, but if I may, Ill support you for your better.

BTT (Back To Topic), in fact here in permata, only few Permata person that came in the office, only one or two, only the Sigma rooms that crowd with people. Sigma have two room, one is for WBS and JF with mr Sufyan, one is for RMS with mr. Benny, mr. Benny is my PM in my last project, LBU/CBR (Common Bank Reporting).

The non-boring thing is today we wear free costume, some of us wearing sandals, polo shirt, or jeans, I wear my new tight jeans that I bought from kaskus, peter says sorry denim, it's local made, not too comfort, but I feel like the rolling stone right now :D, it's rock!!

And the other good thing is we bought lunch today, we order the padang food, from Sederhana, I order packet 3, it's chicken, egg, some padang vegetables, and a slice of melon. and today we will go home fast, no more than 5 pm, great!!, because I do nothing here, code nothing.

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