Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watching Indonesia Loose

This is my first non-java post in this blog, ok I promise to post the LDAP continues in next post, but it have been so long time that Im not blogging, and yesterday I went to senayan and watch the match between Indonesia and Thailand, and I cannot wait to write the story, especially my fellow already report it in his blog, I want to comment it but need to post my version first.

OK, the story begin with ordinary working days in office, start wake in the morning, waiting for transportation together, and at the office I code here, fix there, make this, build that, etc.. until late, yes until so late, very late, sometimes I went home in midnight, that's why I never open this blog, cause today's project it so consuming my times. and then suddenly once a day irfani ask my boss to go home early for watching soccer in senayan, so the next day I also ask my boss for follwing irfani watch the match and I was approved.

So me and Irfani went home at 5 pm, we walk to Bintaro Junction for the bus, it's Trans Bintaro that goes to Ratu Plaza-Senayan. I am in Permata Bintaro anyway not in DESA BSD. So We buy ticket, @IDR 12 thousands. While on the way, Irfani phone/phoned by his friend(s) doing the next things, that buy 9 tickets first, The person who buy the ticket is Ijar, and also told him that we gonna go to FX first for praying Maghrib. Ok, it should be the binusian event, Irfani was joining the Computer Club of Binus when he bachelor in Binus, and oftenly they had event such as watching cinema or soccer, and that day I was joinining hang out with them.

So we turn down from the bus on Patal I senayan and went to FX, after praying Maghrib Irfani took some money in ATM BCA and there already Amirul waiting for us, and I guess he already pray Maghrib there, and then three of us went to Senayan, in front of the stadium, Irfani want to buy 3 T-Shirts and 1 slayer that so many sellers had, he bought for his friends in Bali, the Indonesian team one ofcourse, and there's absolutely no Thailand costume indeed, so do Amirul, Its too expensive, the material so thin, its hot material, it so uncomfortable when I used it for sleeping anyway, but it will feels great if we support our team with appropriate costume, so I bought it also.

And then we found Bayu in the near of the door, I think its the door 1 of the stadium, and Bayu didn't meet the others, in case tje tickets is bought by Ijar. In the meantime we heard the anthom songs loudly, so we run found them, they're in door 5, it feels like rounding the stadium, moreover I brought my notebook, oh yah, Im not telling you that I newly bought notebook from kaskus, I should make the post for it, coz it needs time to encourage myself doing internet transaction, and the most I want to tell is because this laptop is gaming laptop, I very care of it.

At last we found them, so we're in full formation that time, there is me, Irfani, Amirul, Bayu, Afi, Ijar, De_Berg, and IW. But then we're panic, because the people is so crouded want to enter the stadium, it's the Gate V. We're in quequeing unformatly, the lineman said "two-two" loudly want us for quequeing in two row (not with two column such as in a table in my boring old style project that im working right now ofcourse :D), and suddenly Irfani call me to out from the queue to through the small door beside the gate. So we're through that door and we entered the stadium, our positions is exactly behind the Indonesian team goalkeeper, so many supporters wearing red or white shirt and attributes crowding, but Amirul is separated from us, when in the queue, he already entered the gate.

The fact is we're not sit on the bench, we're squat on it, newly I know about this, I was thought everybody in the stadium are sitting down, but no, we're squat on our feet. And oftenly we then stand up over the bench when our team want to make agoal, for yelling the referee or doing the wave. I feel enthusiastic when doin the wave, when there is a wave, I watch the wave more rather than watch the match, but it only one-two wave, and then stop, never happen many times. And poor the referee, we often yelling him when punished our player, but ofcourse we gave him applause when doing the contrary.
Each time we got opportunity, we gave applause, and contrary we said "whooooo" if Thailand attacking.

I love when yelling, when stand up over the bench and raise my hands and hold my head on, when doing disappointing because our shoot didn't make a goal, when singing "Indonesia ayo ayo, kita pengen maju bersama" or something, I love being one of in the crowded

At the first half, we loose in attack, so many opportunities Thainland's had, fortunately we have great goalkeeper, Markus something, I don't know the exact name, he did many ball savings, but in the last half, we the condition is contrary, Indonesia got so many opportunities, and I remember actually we already made a goal, but it annuled by the referree, I t should be a goal, there was no offside or other foult forgodsaken.

To be honest Im not a football mania, that day I don't know who vs who, after the first half I still suppose that it's Indonesia vs Vietnam because in the edge of the field there are sponsors, one of them is Heigl Vietnam, I thougth it was the Vietnamese that match with Indonesia, at last I knew that was Thailand from other supporter. I newly known that it AFF cup or something, it's because the daily working I left the news. And the most embarising thing is I don't know the match result, I suppose that 0-0, when were going home me and Irfani asked by someone about the result, I said it's 0-0, but the fact is it's 0-1 for Thailand, the only goal is made in the first minuites of the match, before we entered the stadium. Yes, Im watching Indonesia is loosing, but Im not aware of that, perhaps not only in the stadium, in real life also.

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Ed Berg said...

Nice Post bro..
Iyo.. Kalah..
datang datang pun udah gol nyesek ne.. nontonnya ampe dug dag dig dug..
hohoho... kapan golnya wakaka..

cuplikan.. kata irfani
Menang Kalah ga penting, yg penting Garuda diDadaku..