Monday, January 12, 2009

somebody loves my writes

somebody loves my writes, im happy to hear that, hope this note would loveable too... but remembering the movies such as the libertine or shakespeare in love, those two movies is about a writer, those poeple is actually hard to get an idea, shakespear needs the girl to create romeo and juliet, I forget the exact name but it played by gwyneth, while the libertine is about a psycho writer that fall in love with her drama student, I think both of them is psycho, not a happy life indeed, especially johnny depp, the player in the libertine, he died in tragic way, dump in the bad place with bad sick. actually he has beautiful wife, which love him so much, she said "Im your final result" when got him dying, and kissed him for the last time. but he strongly leave her and want to attend her favourite student to play drama in london stage.

Im not too ambigious and know myself, don't want to be a writer, only tell you what I remember, please forget my first paragraph, it's too far away from reality, I mean the point is great books actually made by hardwork, by hard-thought, not by sim sala bim way.

In the first day of this year I attend the the event in TMII, Attiin mosque, great mosque, Im not too interest in politics, but in case when we enter the mosque when we put our sandals or shoes in lockers there's an autograph named H.M Soeharto, I don't know the detail of building, but it's big one, the event is attended by 60-70 thousands, it's only 2 floor I guess, but wide field with some fountains and towers, just kind of parks, sadly I don't have camera. aniway thank you mr President for the leadership of the pasts and the beautyful mosque ofcourse.

Im not gonna tell you about the mosque, I want to tell you about one of the speaker, it's the writer of ayat-ayat cinta, Im not see the movie yet, not read the book yet, Im not a book reader, his name is ustaz Habiburrahman, I first saw him in that place, Im not too know him personally before, but the point is he is a writer, he tell us that when shoot the movie, on of the crew is arabian or some where there has a brother from Gaza Palestina, Whole life his brother is in palestine, never goes out from there, and sadly the Israeli seduce him by cutting his both hands and both legs, and because of that he went to egipt for medical treatment, after the treatment, his family suggest him to stay a while in Egypt, he refuse that, he want to go back to Gaza, whatever happened. I feel enthusiastic when hearing his speech, and feel the spirit of the room.

Im not quite sure about the relations between the paragraphs, actually don't quite know what is the theme of this note, and I wonder if you still read this note :D, perhaps I just want to say that writer is great person, and I guess so many of us dreaming being writer, although only a note or blog, and I think it's not need to be a shame to do that.

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