Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dark Knight

Doesn't matter if the topic is not up to date, I post this because I newly became a fan of TDK (The Dark Knight) in facebook, a movie about batman that I watched with friends in the cinema few months ago. Doesn't matter if this blog is not java related again, I just want to write something.

I remember the most is when harvey and rachel is separated and and tight by a rope in the room full of gazoline, connected by a phone, and harvey ask rachel to calm down and trying to help her, and then he fall to the chemical things, and then their crying a lot, and then rachel said "yes harvey ... yes... my answer is yes", in case harvey asked ... Read Moreher to married him when in the party, but rachel said no. Its so romantic time I think. And I guess it's the sentence that everybody dreams in their life.

and then the bat-man is come to help harvey, harvey said "no... why you're here...". so voila.. there's no more rachel, rachel is exploded. yes harvey.. you're right why batman is there. If I were you, I would hope batman help rachel.

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