Thursday, January 15, 2009

being important is necessary, but being usefull is more preferable

just as the fame statement that sayz the best person is the most useful of him in the community, in the environment, yup.. in this late of night i just want to say something, with someone it should, but sadly I only can write to you, dear notes.. perhaps I should write it in more private room, but I think it's okay for me to write in here, in case I hope everybody can get a value or keep in correcting each other especially for me by this note.

quite naive for a person like me that don't have vision in life, I think everybody should have, but the fact is I don't have that kind of vision, a kind of solid, great of vision, I just following the life, not a kind of that vision person.

connecting with vision, this day I met that statement again from mailing list, that the best person is the most useful of him in his life, what a short statement that since I ever heard of it years ago, it give me strength to doing my life.

I was in bachelor joining one of the campus activity, and heard that statement from a girl that ever won the science contest, it's not about love between boy and girl, she's already boyfriend at that time anw, but she said that in that event, it's not the science contest, it's in different event, anyway.. it's give me a confidence in doing my way, I hope I still in this way, that I don't expect something in doing my activities, I encourage myself for doing everything in case for praying, I already wrote that in my profile that my working is my praying, I hope by having this paradigm I've got the best result.

Not only in the office but hope in my entire activities, I get the best result, and I believe that I already get the best from the lord, god already give the best for me, in every single part of my life, if I fail in something, I believe that fail is the best for me in that time, if I cannot get something that I dream, I believe will get the better in the future. All I need to do is trying and doing my best, how far is my best is how I get the result.

But the truth is I expect nothing from that result, Im just a simple person that no need to worry of everything as I believe that I already do my best for my environment.

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