Saturday, February 7, 2009

Using Ubuntu on my Inspiron

Have I told you that I already bought inspiron 1520 from kaskus? itś risky business rather than buy at real store in ratu plaza or mangga dua for example, especially the seller is in Jogja, he has friends in Japan, and buy notebooks from it and reseller again through kaskus. I encourage myself to buy from him in case I already learn the thread over and over and most of the buyer is satisfied with him and his notebooks. He said that notebooks for japan market is different for the south east market although both of them were China made, but has different in quality, he said that Japanese Dell is better.

In the last November I bought it, I transfered some money first and then he send me the notebook. It is Dell Inspiron 1520, intel centrino, 2 GB of memory, 250 GB of harddisk capacity, Nvidia Geforce 8600, or some other details that I forget. And its vista bundled, there already vista installed. It came with some of installer dvds and some japanese written books, so do the box, itś written in japanese.

Unfortunately it was so annoying when using vista in this notebook, sometimes suddenly it blank screen, and then thereś message such as "nvidia is operating again", or sometimes it restart or even dump memory suddenly. I browse the net, in fact there are many people facing the same problems, vista is real a fail product from microsoft.

So I downgrade installing xp, I already have the xp installer, its the piracy one. I try to install it, unfortunately again in the middle of installation it fails with the message "cannot detect the harddisk". And then nail told me that it caused by the installer is cannot the Sata harddisk, it should set in the bios or using the xp installer with Sata bundled. He said that his room neighbour has the Sata bundled installer, so I went to his place and install it. It's all fine and succeed, after that installation, I install the drivers, everything is succeed unless the audio driver. I already download so many drivers mainly from but no one works. So my notebook is "tung"
or "dong" only.

By Yanu suggestion and help of him, I install ubuntu, it's the hary heron. And it's work magically. and then yanu is editing the /etc/apt/sources.list, it replace the repository into the nearest from me, here is the full list of the file:

deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse
deb hardy-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb hardy-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb hardy-backports main restricted universe multiverse
deb hardy-proposed main restricted universe multiverse

so every time I run a program and it's not installed yet, I just apt-get or go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager, and I search the program I need. And if the internet connection is okay I will get my program installed.

AFAIR, the fist I check is the music, is there is already sound in my notebook or not. It just double clicked the music file, and there will an error message that need to instal codec or something. I just clicked the yes button to install the necessary program and everything is going fine right now. And I can hear my leona and mraz music again. thanks Yanu, thanks ubuntu ^_^.

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