Monday, March 9, 2009

Spent holiday as usual

Today is the third day of me being idle at home in jakarta, same as usual workers from other town, I rent a room near office in a house, big house in case it contains twenty rooms for rent beside rooms for the owner, the owner contains parents and three children. It quit expensive for me for the room, but in case many of my office friends living in the same house, so I never search other place for moving.

Last two days I spent times with sleeping a lot and watching tv a bit. I watch tv in a kind of living room, with friends, I watch the program that choosen by them. Last night I watch serie A between Milan and Atalanta. only the second half, in case I went to the tv room in 10pm because I cannot sleep. It's been so long time for me for wathing footbal again. and watch tv also, I so rarely watch it since working here.

the last score was 3 - 0 for milan, all of the goals made by philippo inzaghi, the first goal made in the first half, wich is Im not watch yet. the others is ofcourse made in the last half, with normally without diving in case he is fame of with doing unfair action AFAIK.

Nowadays milan is full of a stars, many of them are old but still great players, beside philippo inzaghi, milan has andrey shevchenco which is not quite showing good performance in his only for about ten minuites play. and the it has david beckham which still give precission ball passing, and then andrea pirlo with his energic stamina as usual, and also abiatti as goal keeper. and as the young gun it has pato which is sometimes try to make a goal but fails again and again. And also I saw kaka as supporter, which is not played perhaps his still injured. Nice personality of kaka with his formal dress, I think he has potentiality to be a celebrity same as beckam. And also I saw victoria, becham's wife supporting milan.

One thing I want to say is, in the last minuite, very very last minuite beckham was changed by new young innocent player which if Im not wrong heard is from uruguay. and the funny thing is after he entered the field the game is over, then he turn out the field as other player did, he only smiling. I think that just the scenario, how to sell beckham, footbal, and the country of that young player, the beckham replacer. yes, that is my opinion, they want to sell and shows to us the mega-shining the world of celebrity-football so we want to be in there also, at least dream of it.

rrrggh.. btw after finishing the serie a match, I saw metro tv, it's the "zona 80an", only for perhaps ten minuites, because the show already started on 10 pm in which I still watch for milan, the show as the title is about the 80 stuff, in last night episode, it invite the indonesian 80s movie stars. There is Rano karno, Paramitha Rusadie, Yessie Gusman, Rico Tampati, Ita Mustafa, and one again that I don remember.

They were adorable, rano is sometimes told a joke to the audience or the yessie gusman, when they were asked by audience in the ask-answer session about how far they'we near in relation between in the 80 era in case both of them involved in many movies such as galih and ratna ? hwehehe, i think everybody loves the movie. Rano said that Yesy should answer that question because the question is too hard for him because it ask about two think that different, far and near, and then yessy said that both of them are far from eye near in heart.

today is maulud nabi holiday, im not working now, but after saturday and sunday I spent in home, I go to office today for internet. Actually last night I told by my mother to read solawat a hundred times for maulud and already did it last night. Anyway thanks for reading if you're still read this note ^_^

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