Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay... Im a book reader right now

in case a buddy of mine commenting about my older profile that Im not reading book for long time and never finished when reading, last week I bought a book from book store, there's only few book stores in this town, I think there are three only, two of them Gramedia, in WTC and SMS, the other is Gunung Agung in Melati Mas, I went to Gramedia WTC. Im in BSD FYI, small town Jakarta nearby.

First, there are a couple of books interest me, "the lenovo gate" or something and biography mr. Habibie, the first book is story about how the chinese IT company named lenovo buy IBM or IBM products or something, I newly known that lenovo is the company name from China, I thought before that it was one of the IBM product. the second book is ordinary biography of someone, but it make special because it tell me about someone I admire.

I opened the lenove gate pages by pages, I read the comments from some people in the back of the book, I open the page that have photos, it's about four pages, the first photo is an old photo, it says that it was the first building of lenovo, it very small building, square of walls and I think it has no roof or something as change of roof. it just pathetic building, and perhaps it just a hiperbolic from the writer. and then the other picture is also old picture that capture the lenovo employees standing up in front of newly build apartment. the caption of the photo said that they were very happy because they will get apartment, and that the first time n Chine history that a company give his employee an apartment. I forgot the year, I think both of those pictures happened in eighties. the second book I cannot open because it sealed, but there are a lot of photos which is I like.

Beside the price of those books are expensive for me, it's abouot 85 rupiahs. and it is too thick for me to read, I will never finished it I think. and the first book is too heavy reading for me, it is a business book which is I will need extra concentration for it.

I told to myself that I need light book, easy reading, such a stury or novels. So I went to the novel area. I saw some names that familiar to me, such as Agatha Cristie, Jon Grisham, and one again but sorry I forget. And then the titlle of the books are much of them is movie title, such as the firm with tom cruise, to die for with nicole kidman, and pelican brief with julia robert. near of them are newly heard book something that 1001 nights story, and some again about taj mahal and some related love story of taj mahal. and then near them again are indonesian novels such as Marga T, NH Dini, Dewi Lestari, and more cicklit and teenlit that the title are so catchy.

I read the write back of some books, I think and think again so I chose one of the John Grisham (is the name is right?) titled "Runaway Jury". I think all of his novels are law related, It about the court of the cigarette company versus people that disagree of cigarette that representatived by an old man that already died because of cancer in case of he already consume cigarette for years.

I still read until chapter 8 I guess from 44 chapters, The first part of the story is the recruiting jury, it happened in small town in america, I forgot the name, but the fact is the writer did live in that town when he write the story, and in many place of the parts there are a lot of detailed description of places such as apartments, roads, and specially the court.

In the first page I only found so few of thank you statements, for people in that town and for corrector of the novel, one of them is from oxford, no surprise the novel is famous and received by international public. and I think you guys already heard or even watch one of his movie from the novel.

The first part of the novel mainly tells about of one of the jury Nicholas "something" I forget, he is misterious, smart person, 27 years old same as me, he work in computer store, and confess as a student and ever study law for couple of semesters. he live in small unexpected apartment because he moved because need to hide his identity and history.

In that novel also tell the both side of the plaintiff and defendant are work hard to get the list of the jury. they spy their live, take pictures from them, entering their home without their permission, they have all the jury data so from almost 200 candidates there are I think twelve selected jury and three for backups I guess.

I forgot the details, I don't know exactly if I like the story or not, but it friend me while Im waiting the train when I went home last thursday, and I loose 50 grants for it.

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