Monday, March 23, 2009

Importing Blog for Facebook Note

I recently new that we can show our posts from blog into notes application in facebook. So I donot need to copy my note into my blog. This post is for testing how my facebook looks after I create new post.

But I should tell you about something, I don't want to post just for trying that facility only. But to be honest it's very hard for me to write something, writing is a hard job, sometimes suddenly we get idea but and then we loose it or even when we write something we then blank, and loosing words, and it happen to me often.

Anyway now Im listening marz music again and again, I do it in here in office, I do it again at home, again and again, but sometimes I change it into murottil mp3 or mp3 of someone read quran without tartil when I feel miss my home or feel very religious atmosphere.

I love the lyrics of jason mraz songs. "Please Don't Tell Her", "The Remedy", "Im yours", "Geek in the Pink", or "Clockwatching", or some other lyrics. I think he write his songs by himself, in case it shows his conditions. he is still single like my, old as single like me, he was born in 1979 or 1977 I forget the detail, I think he is introvert just like me, he is not quite confidence for doing relationship just in lyrics in above songs, he said that "she is taller than I am", and he said that he is a geek just like as the title.

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