Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last weekend me and office mates had trip to bandung, we had great time spend everything together.

Friday night at 1 am, we went from office, in case we wait panji doing his work on uploading production, actually he plan to go in saturday morning and I will go with him because in that time many works to do. It's about 00.30 am, and I already from home to take some clothes so I went back to the office, and we wait for rahmat that also joining us after had futsal. We went by two cars, Anita's and Kamil's car. One is go to Hendri's home first to take some clothes, and one again went to Herman's home to take clothes and Nintendo Wii.

And then we meet again in alfamart for buy something like soap, bread, and beverage. We then change our sits in car, there are 16 people of us, I was in Kamil's car with Kamil, Rere, Herman, Erna, mas Roy, Rahmat and Danik. While Anita's car there were Eka, Iqbal, Anita, Yanti, Mulan, Meli, Panji, and Hendri. It's about 3 hours until we were in Bandung in vila Istana Bunga. So it's about 4 am. The place is on the hill, and its so cold.

I cannot sleep while Im in the car, after in the place also cannot sleep, in the morning we doing many things, some of us were playing wii, me and rahmat take a walk near the house, some of us trying to get sleep, some others just talk each other in the tv room. we wait until about 9 am to take a shower, there are three bathroom one is in the second floor, and the other is in the ground. and there four sleeping room, three is in second floor, and one is in the ground floor, each of them has double bed so it's fit all of us.

When the sun is rising most of us take a walk to get a lot of pictures with a lot of styles. and some others is locked in house for a nap. And then Eka and some others buy some meals for breakfast.

In the day we went to cihampelas (or some place like that with full of stores sorrounding), and then we lunch in mcD in there. I buy panas special, rice, slice of fried chicken, scrumbled egg and a glass of coke. And then we back home in the afternoon, some of us take a bath, but I did not, because I choose take nap because we gonna had trip in midnight and Im not take a sleep yet.

In about 7 pm, we go to kampung daun, a beautiful places with full of eating places. I bought fried banana cheese and hot tea and then we go to Brebes restaurant to buy chicken barbeque. And then we go to ciater, a place with warm water for soaking. We were in ciater in about 1 am, the place is open for 24 hours and the funny thing is it's peak hour is in the midnight.

We were back to home when dawn. we take sleep for tomorrow agenda, actually we had plenty of schedule in the last day, like visiting gedung sate and to strawberry garden, but the fact is we spent last day happily in home by play wii, or cards, or watching motoGP.

In the midle of the day we eat padang food, I eat chicken. and then we went home, in the middle of the way we stop in burengreng for eating batagor, and then we stop again in primarasa store to buy goodies, I buy a box of brownies, and I take it to the office in monday.

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