Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Using Windows With Sun VirtualBox

Now Im not idle anymore, I was assigned in new project, but this project require me develop in windows environment, so I must install windows on my inspiron, first in my thought, there are two alternatives: install windows inside my Ubuntu, or dual booting. I already ask id-ubuntu mailist, here's my post link for this problem.

In case Robbie, an office mate, already face the same problem before, and he choose the first way (install windows inside ubuntu) so I did the same thing. I need two installer:
- virtualbox-2.1_2.1.2-41885_Ubuntu_hardy_i386.deb
- XP installer (I have the SATA bundled one, in case inspiron harddisk is SATA).

I just double clicked the virtaulbox installer, because it's .deb filetipes so I didnot need run it from terminal. Actually there already newest version of virtualBox, but then I must download it first, so I just used that I already have. And there will be some usual install question such as how much memory and disk space that I spend for virtualBox, I give 200 MB memory and 10 GB of disk space. And also give the virtualBox a name. I give it "loswom" same as my project, and if I read that name again I said to myself: "what a name is that :D".

There will be one added item in the virtualBox explorer: "loswom". Then try to start it and it will be error because we still don't have the windows, we need to install it first (As seen in the picture, there's a picture in blogspot, I hope also seen in facebook). The explorer is in the left of the window, such as folder explorer, and the Start button and Setting button is on the top of that explorer.

I already have the .iso installer from my other friend, If you ever read my previous post when I first install ubuntu for this inspiron, I already copy the xp SATA bundled installer on my hard drive, So click Setting button left side of Start button, and find some option for install windows and locate the installer in the appropriate place, and restart again and the system will install windows as autobooting.

Install windows as usual, and we already have our windows, it is so easy far from my fear as I ask to id-Ubuntu mailist before.

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JesperBlog said...

And for adding, the short cut for full scrren is : "Right Control + F", because the default window is small not big enough.

Right Control is our host, we use this key (right control) to activate the ubuntu cursor and go back from virtual windows into ubuntu.